YouTube’s New End Screens Help in Promotions

YouTube recently launched “End Screens” for the benefit of video creators in order to help them get more viewers for their channel and videos.

End Screens, basically is a new mobile-friendly tool that is comprised of thumbnail images displayed in the last 5 to 20 seconds of any video. The whole idea behind the launch is to help video creators gain subscribers and viewers onto a channel. YouTube’s Annotations is a similar tool with similar capabilities, but Annotations isn’t compatible with mobile screens. In this day and age, social media is most accessed via smart phones, and any website/video/page that cannot be accessed by a smartphone is a big no-no in the eyes of a consumer. Most of the traffic to websites comes from mobile devices, and users have developed a no-tolerance policy towards slow loading pages or in accessible websites or media content such as video.

“Currently, many creators use Annotations, a desktop-only tool that allows you to add clickable links to your videos, to manually create end screens. This will no longer be necessary, as the new End Screens are not only easier to create, but also allow you to reach more viewers on desktop and mobile.” – YouTube Blog Post
Creating an End Screen

  • The viewing device needs to be a PC/Mac-based browser, Android, iOS or iPads and will not work on any of YouTube’s separate apps.
  • Navigate to the top right portion of your account and click “Creator Studio”.
  • From the drop down options, select “Video Manager” and “Videos”.
  • Select the required video and choose “Edit”.
  • You will see the “End Screen” option appear in the top, which will provide you options to create what needs to appear towards the end—could be videos or any other promotional content for that matter.

End Screens do not work if the video already has annotations included in it. The only way to include End Screens is to un-publish the old video and star over by enabling the End Screen option.

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