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2018 is here and video content still remains the top traffic generator, with predictions stating that by 2020 it would account for 80% of all traffic. Another interesting fact is that more than 500 million hours of video is consumed by users of Youtube, every single day. The platform is growing rapidly, and now is the time to take advantage and leverage video to boost content. This article should help if you have a channel on Youtube, or are planning to start one soon. The below-mentioned tools help immensely if you want to get the most out of your activities on the channel.

  • Optimize your channel Optimizing a channel can be a lengthy job, but with tools available today all it takes is a click to get things done. Some analytics and marketing tools get integrated with your channel with which productivity, bulk processing, video SEO and other promotional tasks can be attended to. Video optimization is also necessary as it improves the customer viewing experience by reducing start times and network bandwidth consumed. TubeBuddy is an example for the above. These tools also let you automate tasks like adding annotations or description to multiple videos.
  • Manage Your Channel Use a social media management tool to manage comments from all videos in one place.With this you should be better equipped to respond to comments, hide them or add tags to enable better organization. Creating keyword searches to find videos that you can relate to is useful when discovering user generated videos around your product.
  • Edit Your Videos Popular tools today are Screenflow and Camtasia. This makes adding music , text and animations easy as you record the video. These tools also feature video and text animations that can be used to animate titles and logos. However, you’ll need to set aside some time to get familiar with the advanced features.
  • Use Animations To create quality animated videos without stretching your purse, use GoAnimate. This is a great tool to build your video scene by adding characters and props with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Select a template, and based on the choice you’ll have different design elements that can be added to the template. Addition of background and sound will give you the video sequence.
  • Analyze Competitor Activity Use a tool for competitive analysis which is priced per report. Expect stats like best time to upload for comments and up-votes, frequent captions, video length etc. By analyzing this you will understand what works for you and what does not. This will give you some ideas for how to better engage your audience. TubeTracker, VeeScore, ViralReach, NicheXploit, LiveCaster are just a few of the many tools out there.
  • Analyze Your Own Activity You will need to configure your tool to track the stats around individual videos and your channel. Keep an eye on views, engagement, retention of viewers, sources traffic, and other important metrics. As you configure the dash board you will see the updates in real-time. SocialBlade is a leading YouTube statistics tracking tool that makes it easy to monitor the growth of your channel. It lets you track subscribers, milestones and also provides comparative analysis of up to three channels.
  • Use Video Imagery Canva is a popular tool when creating professional looking images for social media. Its popularity lies in the fact that one need not be a designer to use it. With its simple drag and drop editor you can create images easily. A library of background images, photos and designs makes the job all the more easier. Use these images to create a custom click-inducing-thumbnails to attract more views and clicks from YouTube search.

    If you are focused on improving the results of your YouTube channel, using at least some of the above tools will help. Let us know more about how you have optimized your channel, and please share details of the tools you have used with their performance numbers.

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