Would You Want to Control What Google Knows About You?

Google has its way of surprising us each time. This time, it is through the introduction of two features that has the potential to change how ads are perceived and displayed on search and across Google properties.

Last year, around this time, Google introduced “My Account” that enabled users to keep all of their data in one place, protect their privacy and manage information from search, maps, YouTube and other products in one place. Yesterday, Google rolled out a new panel called My Activity within My Account.

My activity

“My Activity” is basically Google history. It will contain browsing history of the user from across all Google platforms. This means it will include everything from Chrome browsing history to searches and videos watched on YouTube, and not to forget searches and activities on Android. Users have the option to “customize” the browsing history within Google. Users can remove particular searches and “show” Google what sort of ads and content is preferable.


Any property from above can be de-selected and the history from the item can therefore be deleted.

Google is also introducing a new feature called “Ads Personalisation”. This feature is being introduced to provide users with the ability to influence the kind of ads they see on the platform. Users can provide information on their interests and disinterests by turning on the Ads Personalisation feature. Through this feature Google wants to enable transparency and user control. At least, that’s what Google claims! With Facebook providing high targeting capabilities, could this be a way for Google to catch up? Nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that Google is giving user more control over data and ads than ever before. Instead of automatically opting in users into these new features, Google provides the option to users to choose opt-in or opt-out. Not many, unfortunately, would be willing to provide details that Google hopes to receive. However, Google said that its current focus is towards educating users about the new panel.

What do you think of these new updates? Do post your views on the comments section below.

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