What’s New with Microsoft Bing?

Microsoft announced recently that they are giving a preview of its new Bing Search APIs and are inviting developers to try them out. The Bing Search API – version 5, provides the following functionality within the new Bing Search infrastructure:

  • Search across hundreds of billions of web pages, images, videos, and news results
  • Autosuggest services to improve accuracy and speed of user input in apps and sites
  • Assistive services such as spell-check and adult intent signal
  • Access to trending topics around the world
  • Ability to filter image and video results by size, license, style and price.

The new APIs are REST APIs and they follow the latest structured data standards, making     them easy to implement.
Comparison of the features of the current API and the new API (development preview):


To get access to the preview, email Bing at

Bing Ads is also currently testing Social Extensions to help businesses promote their social channels in search ads. Social extensions appear as part of the text ads and provide a link to the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts of the business.

bing-ads-social-extensionsNote that, hashtags of your campaign can also be displayed in the text ad. Since one cannot ignore the power of social media in reaching out to the masses, almost every business has a social presence – the new ad extension will make life easier for advertisers by directing users to their social channels and engage customers on social media.

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