What You Need To Know about Social Video Marketing

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Social media marketing is nothing but a rapidly changing landscape, and nothing changes faster than video these days. As we wrote a few months ago, video is the medium for social in 2017. Internally, we’ve given a lot of thought this year to the best ways to approach video and execute for a wide range of formats, from Facebook Live to Snapchat.
How People Consume Video
Nearly two-thirds of consumers say they’ve bought something in the last month as a direct result of watching a marketing video on Facebook. Here’s when they watch
33% – Lunch hour
43% – Afternoon
56% – Evening
38% – Before bed
16% – Middle of the night
Taking a Mobile-First Approach Is Key
Approximately 85% watch on mobile devices. Mobile is huge and for video creators, this is important. Here’s what you can do to better serve this audience:
Consider creating square and/or vertical videos:
Always, always, always use captions on your video. Why? Because 85% of Facebook video is watched with the sound off. Adding captions is very easy to do on Facebook. Simply upload your video, then click ‘Captions’, then click ‘Generate’. Facebook will automatically create an SRT file for you, matching captions to audio markers within the video. You can then edit the file, correcting what Facebook “hears”. Not a videographer? Don’t worry about it. 92% of marketers say they are making videos with the assets they already have. Looking for a good way to get your feet wet? Facebook makes it easy for you to create videos. Simply upload pictures, pick some music (provided by Facebook), and add your own voice-over. Facebook will handle the rest. What kinds of videos should you make? The majority of your videos should be 60 seconds or less and have a strong hook as early as possible. As far as what types of videos you should create, here’s how consumers are likely to respond:
Behind-the-scenes videos get likes.
Funny videos get likes and shares.
Educational videos get shares.
Emotional videos for likes and shares.

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