Video Content Creators & Marketers – What You Need to Know

July 2016 had seen a group of business leaders in the digital video space meeting to identify and discuss about key issues, as the world of television has almost converged with the world of digital videos. Various points regarding market friction and the ever changing nature of content discovery and distribution were discussed. The equivalent of a TV guide for the future generation of consumers was a popular topic of discussion during the event. Consumers have seen this listing of programs in newspapers as an early form of a television guide. This was followed by the TV guide and interactive cable menus , which made finding the desired programs easy. Presently, there are thousands of content channels with a growing number of connected devices and platforms where consumers access video content across the world. But the lingering question is how will people find the programs they want to watch. And what should advertisers know as they also intend to connect with customers?
To address these questions, the IAB has commissioned a Content Discovery Study in February 2017. It has been documented that adults in the United States are spending more time watching videos across a wider array of devices than ever before. Screens are everywhere, starting from our walls, our pockets, our cars to our offices. Three quarters of respondents use a smartphone and slightly more than half use a tablet. With the emergence of new platforms and devices for viewing videos, there has been a similar rise in content formats, pricing models and genres, impacting the way video is searched, found and consumed. Traditional TV, Digital Video and Subscription Videos were the three distinct video formats to be examined. The study found that for each format of content, the customer base, reasons why a customer is on that platform are specific to the type of content available.
Unlike the early days of television where choice was limited to a few broadcast networks, today’s customer is faced with an endless array of options, driven by technologies that add and reduce complexity. Identifying key patterns in the customer journey and learning from these findings is an area of improvement for publishers and advertisers. The primary customer of the above specified formats is to be examined with an emphasis on how they hear about, search for and ultimately find content they are looking for, in order to bring more light on to his digital viewing experience.

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