Vertical Video Ads by Virool and Rubicon Project

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Virool, which is a popular video distribution platform frequented by advertisers and marketers, and Rubicon Project, which is an open advertising marketplace with one billion consumers, recently unveiled a new vertical video unit for advertisers and publishers.

Since majority of the digital consumers are on mobile and more and more videos are being made for vertical viewing, Virool launched a new mobile vertical video ad unit called Video Reveal. High engagement for online videos has driven our industry to bring in vertical videos. The new unit dynamically embeds vertical video messages into the editorial content on mobile web. It also guarantees a 100 percent full screen viewing experience, and will pause when less than 50 percent of the pixels are in view; that is when a user scrolls down the screen, the video is automatically muted and paused and can be easily re-enabled by clicking on the video. Vertical Reveal will include social median icons embedded so that marketers can create calls to action through it and will also provide real-time analytics on campaigns run. Adding to the list of benefits for advertisers, the unit can be used on any smartphone or tablet. But what is in it for publishers? Apart from embedding video messages vertically, publishers are able to provide content in a way users want to consume content. The format is user friendly and isn’t “forced”. The unit will also help publishers maximize yield from devices as advertising budget shifts towards vertical videos on these devices.

“The new ad unit captures the excitement and innovation that is going on in video right now. Marketers are always looking for new ways to leverage the emotional engagement and performance that video delivers. Rubicon Project is constantly rethinking Video in Mobile and working with partners to deliver innovative new formats that satisfy the insatiable demand of advertisers.” Said John Peragine, Head of Video, Rubicon Project.

 The project will continue to be the exclusive programmatic provider of Virool’s ad units and all video advertising on devices, for both advertisers and publishers.

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