Unruly Provides Biometric Measurements for Video Ads

Video Ads are getting increasingly common in the social media world – giants such as Facebook are introducing vertical videos and ads, and content consumed through such videos has increased.

With respect to marketing, it’s common knowledge that emotions of the consumers need to be targeted – it matters. News corp-owned Unruly, now brings about a solution that provides biometric measurement of video ads. The company strongly believes that emotional impact is the most reliable predictor for marketing and business success. The algorithmically trained tool called Unruly EQ will allow marketers and brands leverage the emotional and social impact of their ads and help evaluate, predict and improve the online reach of their video ads.

The tool has brainwave analysis provided by marketing research firm Nielsen, facial recognition provided by Affectiva and music data analysis provided by Moodagent. The company is also launching Emotional PMPS that have been curated to match key human emotions that are proven to lead to engagement.

Key Components of Unruly EQ

  • Nielsen’s EEG testing that accommodates 32 sensors on each subject’s head and captures brain activity to determine non-conscious responses of the individual.
  • Affectiva’s facial analysis that records and makes notes of minute facial expression of participants while they watch ads.
  • Online questionnaire that includes questions about authenticity or credibility of a brand’s statement.
  • Moodagent that determines how music and the background soundtracks could increase the ad’s effectiveness among the users.

The algorithm provides the following capabilities:

  • Identification of the type and intensity of emotions brought in by an ad and its impact on the overall engagement.
  • Optimization of content to improve overall emotional and creative quality.
  • Deep analysis of important metrics such as brand statements, brand impact, purchases intent, etc.
  • Identification of the authenticity of ads in the eyes of the user.

A detailed report with recommendations and changes will be provided after all the analysis is done.

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