Twitter’s Brand New Home Page to Show a Timeline of Events

In an attempt to enhance user experience, Twitter plans to introduce a brand new homepage that would connect to an audience beyond just Twitter users. You don’t need to be signed-on to Twitter anymore. This timeline will make not just individual tweets, but conversations and interactions with twitter possible even for offline users.

This feature will be rolled out to people across 23 countries, including India, who access homepage on their mobile devices. Twitter also plans to expand its refreshed homepage on web, which exists in the US and Japan, to these countries. The homepage gives the visitors a news-like site to view and explore topics and events. For example, you will get an overview of the latest news in politics, entertainment industry, media, and so on, in one page.

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According to Buzzfeed, the Twitter timeline would function by an algorithm to give offline users a personalized experience of viewing tweets and accounts that is based on location and past twitter activity. This update has by far been Twitter’s most controversial change. An algorithm approach would mean killing the real-time experience that users are comfortable with.

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However, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, addressed the controversy by tweeting that he never planned to re-order timelines and that Twitter is real-time.

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