Twitter Officially Removes Character Limit with Tweets, but What About Ads?

Four months ago, Twitter had declared that it had plans to eliminate photos and videos from its 140-character limit for regular tweets. Only recently did the platform finally implement this feature. Yes, Twitter will no longer include photos, polls, quoted tweets, and other media content against the 140-character limit for tweets. The feature will obviously help users in the platform express more freely and elaborately and not limit them from expressing most thoughts through images or memes. But, this is not the case with Promoted Tweets.

Media content (including photos, videos) or polls, quoted tweets and DM deep link that are created using Twitter’s ad dashboard will continue to be counted against the 140-character limit. However, if advertisers or brands were to post a normal tweet, containing the required media plus text content, and then later run it as a promoted tweet, the media content will not be included in the 140-character count. It is useful to note that the tweets, however, are limited to four photos or 1 GIF or 1 video.

The platform is also testing few changes with replies. @names will no longer be counted against the 140-character limit for general tweets. Also, if multiple twitter users are mentioned in a tweet, the first person would be excluded from the character count, and the rest would be included. However, the above waiver is only for usernames in replies; it only applies when someone clicks the button to reply to a particular tweet. If a new tweet contains the mention/ username, it will still be included in the 140-character count. Hashtags will continue to be counted against the character limit.

The changes are likely to rollout this week.

What do you think of these new changes in the platform? Feel free to post your comments in the comments section below.

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