Twitter Now Lets Advertisers Advertise Only to Potential Customers

Twitter has a new feature that will let advertisers decide whether they want their ads to reach out to people and get them to visit their website or whether they want these users to visit their site to perform a particular action. The “Website Clicks or Conversions” ad objective has been split into two different objectives – Website Clicks and Website Conversions.

Previously, if a brand’s objective of advertising on Twitter was to get users on to their website to perform some action, it would have had to pay for users who both visit the website without performing any action and visit the website to perform some action. With the new objective in place, this will change. Of course, for brands whose objective is user visits, only the name that one selects while setting up an ad campaign will change.

Here are the two steps to be followed for a brand to take advantage of Website Conversions objective –

  • Place Twitter’s website tag on the site. The website tag will enable Twitter to match users who visited the particular site to Twitter accounts using a browsing cookie ID. This is highly useful for remarketing and to track and connect behavior to Twitter profiles.
  • Specify the conversion event it wants to advertise against.

Twitter will then use the information gathered about users and user profiles (through website tags), and use the intelligence to isolate the ones that are most likely to visit the particular brand’s website and perform a specific action. Twitter will then use this information to show the required ad to the required group of people. In the case where a particular person isn’t a Twitter user, Twitter will use information that its tag on the brand’s website holds to re-target such users. Even though brands will still be charged for those users who click on these ads and don’t perform an action, the list is majorly narrowed down to the advertiser’s benefit.

According to Twitter, advertisers that have used the conversion only objective had 2.5 times more conversions from these ads than they did while using the combined objective.

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  1. Displaying adds for marketing purpose is a good idea. But mostly we see the advertisement of the potential brands in the mobile applications or the websites. That is because the public advertisement for promoting a brand is very costly and that is something only the famous and rich companies can afford. The small companies and business can not afford them thus they use alternative options for increasing the customers.

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