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Twitter has been constantly involved in helping people express themselves more easily and efficiently in tweets. Users are now able to express their moods in tweets and DM using GIFs and reactions. The GIFs are available in a GIF library, from which users can pick one while composing tweets. Also, with the introduction of Periscope in Jan 2016, users are able to watch live videos on Twitter without having to leave the Twitter app, and broadcasters are able to reach out to the massive Twitter audience.

Last two months, Twitter has made progress in bringing in changes primarily focused on safety and engagement.

  1. Reporting Abuse

Twitter made it possible for users to report abuses on Twitter more easily than before. Users now have the ability to attach multiple tweets to a single report, thus saving time and helping users express the extent of abuse better.

  1. Connect Tab

Similar to Facebook’s “People who you may know” list, Twitter now has a connect tab that will provide a detailed list of people that the user would want to follow. The list is generated based on an algorithm that takes in to consideration the accounts currently followed by the user, popular accounts in the location, and other factors that will be shown by Twitter while recommending. The tab also provides an option to automatically synch the user’s address book, and provides updates whenever an activity associated with that account occurs on twitter.

  1. 140-Character Limit Does Not Apply to Links and Media

According to Bloomberg, the latest update Twitter plans to roll out in a week, allows for users to include links, photos and videos in their tweets without worrying about the 140-character limit. Twitter will soon stop counting links and media as part of the 140-character limit. This will be huge relief to users, because media and links take up around 23-24 characters in a tweet, leaving out little space for users to express themselves. The whole idea is that it will benefit users as well as brands to communicate more efficiently in the platform. Also, It is a strategy to retain new users who would otherwise find it extremely difficult to tweet within the character limit. Twitter clearly does not want to change its unique selling point, that sets it apart from other social media sites – the ability to report news and updates in a concise manner. Earlier this year, twitter had plans to raise the character limit to 10,000 characters per tweet, but decided against it for this very reason. Although, shortened links are provided, Twitter still restricts the ability of users to communicate. Killing the character-limit requirement for media would encourage users to add in more links, photos or videos to their posts. This makes reporting and discussing live events more efficient.

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