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Last week, Twitter announced a new form of advertising with ‘Sponsored Moments’, which could bring about a better partnership between advertisers and ad publishers. This comes after Facebook’s recent decision to devalue content from brands and promote community posts instead. Outlets that relied on traffic and revenue from the platform were lost in the woods. The first ‘Sponsored Moment’ by Twitter was launched by Bloomberg and sponsored by Bank of America. Twitter is testing out features with a few select brands before bringing this option to other brands and publishers. The sponsorship option can be seen as a new avenue of social-media revenue when publishers are thinking about how the various platforms contribute to their marketing strategy. So with the existing content that people are consuming, Twitter would like to create a beneficial relationship between brands and advertisers. Additionally, the ‘Moment’ can also be promoted and targeted towards a specific audience using Twitter’s advertising tools. Publishing partners for ‘Sponsored Moments’ include those with a prominent audience base like TV networks and sports leagues.  Here are five things to know about Moments.

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The cost of sponsoring a “Moment” will vary on client, industry or audience. The revenue shared will also be customized to the deal at hand, says Twitter. With Moments, a publication builds a story from a series of tweets featuring photos or short videos circling back to editorial content. Similar to instream sponsorships, the new ‘Moments’ sponsorship allows advertisers to closely target its key audience. Twitter will go the extra mile and will help connect brands with partners that seem particularly aligned. Based on the client or industry, the stake for shared revenue varies, and so will the cost. It should be a great way for users to seamlessly join conversations as they go on. The strategic partnering by Twitter looks great as all parties strive to benefit from carefully curated branding. With this process, Twitter may emerge as a force in generating social media ad revenue.
To give it a shot, you can now sign in to Twitter with the ‘Moments’ tab and start off by clicking the ‘Create New Moment’ button. Give it a name, a brief description and start adding tweets with the ‘Add Tweets To Your Moment’ button. This also allows users to select tweets by links, users, or search prompts. To add tweets to your moment, click on the nearby tick icon. Set a cover image and click on ‘Save and Finish’ buttons to create a draft. As you get ready to make the Moment live, click on ‘Publish’ at the top of the page and start off the activity.

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