Twitter Adds a New Periscope Button to Enable Live Video

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With Facebook’s dive into live streaming, looks like Twitter is following suit as well. Twitter acquired Periscope couple of years ago to compete in the live video market space. Twitter recently launched a new Periscope button that will enable people to stream live from their phones with just a single click. The feature is available on both iOS and Android versions.

Even before Facebook’s push into live streaming, live video has always been around with Snapchat. It is not surprising that Twitter is trying its hands on this market space currently. Periscope has been around for sometime and has had many changes over the past one year. Previously, videos taken through Periscope app would disappear after 24 hours. Videos can now be saved indefinitely, and can also be saved into YouTube. Users also have the option to delete their videos at any point of time and are also provided with a choice in the settings to auto-delete post 24 hours.

Twitter recently enabled periscope videos to auto-play in Twitter feeds. And now, one need not go into the Periscope app in order to create a live stream. The Periscope session is directly integrated within the Twitter app and clicking the button opens up the Periscope session directly. The Periscope embedded feature will be seen in the following weeks. Here is a screenshot of a tweet by Twitter of how this button will be displayed.


Through this update, Twitter plans to pull in video creators and designers, who have been resorting to Snapchat or Facebook, into the platform and increase engagement within the platform. The Periscope videos will be viewable live across the web and wherever one can embed a tweet, one can very soon embed a Periscope as well. “For me, this is huge because this means we are totally breaking down the barrier to a live broadcast,” Alex Khoshnevissan, head of business operations at Periscope, said about the embeddable videos. “You don’t have to have Periscope. You don’t have to know what Periscope is.”

With Facebook’s dive into live stream, Twitter realised that users would no longer prefer Periscope to live stream, because users need two apps in order to make that possible on Twitter. That was one drawback, and Twitter immediately has taken measures to correct it. Twitter also provides marketers third party verification of the platform’s video advertising metrics. With vertical videos coming up, and live video streaming in all the major social media platforms, video advertising is the new buzz in the online advertising space.

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