Twitter Adds a New Button for Users to Message Businesses Directly

Twitter recently released a button for websites that allows users to send direct messages immediately to the company.

This, sort of, establishes a clear rivalry between Facebook and Twitter (of course, the rivalry sure is doing all the consumers and marketers good) with each aiming to be a step ahead of the other. In the past, when Facebook released Messenger for users to communicate privately, Twitter had launched a direct messaging feature in its platform. Only four months ago, did Facebook roll out Facebook links that businesses could use on their website or ads for users to contact them immediately via messenger; it is only normal for Twitter to expand its features and include better ways for business and users to communicate privately.


The button feature offers customers more options  to choose how they want to communicate with businesses. At twitter, users are more likely to tweet businesses or send tweets with the related handles included. This move is likely to encourage users to send direct messages to companies and make communication more comfortable.

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