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The cost of acquiring new customers stands at anything between 5 to 25 times the cost os keeping an old customer. Which is why, today, in the competitive digital marketing sector, smart businesses do everything they can to show appreciation to existing customers. The unprecedented growth in CRM technologies stands testimony to this reality. Here’s what to expect as things heat up
1. AI Based Bots
Marketers face an overwhelming amount of data and their challenge with this lies in finding insights and in creating relevant actions. In a world of connected customers, data grows at great speeds and AI-powered BoTS are a key to mining insights. Machine learning and other predictive algorithms help in taking the guesswork out of important decisions. AI based bots are on their way to becoming an essential tool for marketers committed to building exciting and creative campaigns.
2. Contextual CRM to Take Centre Stage
Today’s customers, being increasingly tech savvy, prepare themselves to filter marketing messages. In this environment where customers view ads as noise that needs blocking, becoming a ‘great friend brand’ is the way to break the marketing clutter and provide a trusted source of information. 2017 shall witness a surge in hyper-targeting in real-time technologies catering to micro segments and providing a vision for contextual marketing – target a potential customer with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.
3. Omni-Channel CRM To Take Over
With adults being connected to the internet across 3 devices on an average, marketers can no longer ignore multi-channel reality. Customer communications are increasingly being conducted on multichannel campaigns. With more traffic on mobile, CRM on mobile is estimated to overtake other channels. An ever connected customer will make the marketer ever ready, with his efforts diverted towards the always on channels. Robust CRM on mobile with multi-channel capabilities will take importance.
4. Social CRM to Thrive
Despite the unchallenged popularity of social platforms, CRM is yet to infiltrate this medium completely. 2017 could be the year for social CRM, with growing activities on all channels and emphasis on social influence and sentiment analysis. The factor to possibly tilt CRM toward mobile is customer support, with Facebook and other platforms encouraging customer support with bots and humans.
5. Predictive Analytics
The word on Predictive Analytics has been going around in the CRM space for a few years now. 2017 is to be the tipping point for Predictive Analytics. The year will see the real integration of PA onto CRM platforms, which will allow for future value calculations and more powerful monetization methods.
Data derived retention marketing is now a must have for any customer-facing brand. With consumers expecting contextual and emotionally intelligent communication that respect their wants and needs. Make sure that your CRM system can deliver

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