Tools You Definitely Need for Your Website

With the growing number of businesses online, every website owner is pushed to pull out the best resources that will help make their website a success. All it really takes is some hard work, a little luck and most importantly, the right mix of tools. Here are few tools that you definitely need to get your hands on :

  • Google Analytics

Knowing your audience and their needs is an important success factor for any website. Google analytics provides traffic stats that will help you understand your audience better. It shows you information such as: Who visits your website? Which location they access your website from? What they do while they are on your website? What led them to your website? How much time they spend on your website? How they interact with the site content on your website and much more…The data provided by Google Analytics can then be used to improve your site and customize it to the likes of your audience. The bonus point is that it’s free!

  • Buffer

Buffer is a platform designed to manage accounts in social networks, by providing the means for a user to share content on multiple social media channels, schedule posts to social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ in bulk and put posts in a queue to free up time. This makes it easy to keep your social media sites active while you focus on more important parts of your business.

  • SE Ranking

An SEO management software that offers an all-inclusive SEO platform designed to perform multiple tasks that makes the life of a website owner easier in multiples. SE Ranking provides a daily ranking status of your keywords even without you asking for it, checks your ranking in not just Google search, but also Yahoo! And Bing., provides you with a “recheck rankings” button that gives your ranking in search engines within 30 seconds, integrates Google Analytics with the tool that improves reach and engagement with the audience, and allows user to do a comprehensive competitor’s analysis wherein details of the competitors as well the keywords they are ranking for are provided. It also offers website audit and links analysis for your website.

  • Pixel Dropr

A photoshop plugin, Pixel Dropr, allows you to create User Interface elements, like buttons, photos, icons, illustrations, and other elements that can be dragged and dropped to any PSD file. It features a navigation bar that let you do things like import and export sets of designs.

  • Mention

In order to keep improving, it is important to track what people say about your business online. Mention is a tool that monitors the web, including the major social media channels, to keep you informed every time somebody mentions your name, brand or target keywords. Its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use. Mention identifies and provides information about what is talked about your brand. Alternatively, you can get daily summary alerts that show you the mentions for a particular day. Up to 500 mentions per month can be tracked for your brand name.

  • AllConferences

AllConferences allows you to join conferences, conventions and events from all over the world on your computer, at your leisure. Connecting with other online professionals, showcasing your products or services to a larger audience, and conducting as well as managing your own conferences and events are some of the services provided by AllConferences.

  • Work Examiner

Work Examiner is an employee monitoring program that monitors all the important internet activities of your employees silently. Although it may be considered to be an intrusion of privacy, but it is useful in monitoring employees’ daily tasks, gathering information on how employee-working hours are distributed and thus helps plan future tasks with a clear time and resource perspective in mind. In addition to internet tracking, Work Examiner is also a PC monitoring software – activities that originate from the desktop and applications are also monitored.

  • Wave Accounting

Wave is the go-to solution for handling your accounting through your website. It provides bank data imports, invoices and expense tracking. Detailed and integrated reports are provided so you know your whole financial situation. Works well with e-commerce sites. The tool even includes an area to manage your payroll if you have people on staff.

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