Tools To Avoid Fraud

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The media industry has had no shortage of things to worry about when it comes to advertising. Audiences are going elsewhere to social networks like Facebook or other digital competitors like BuzzFeed. And as a result advertising revenues continue to fall, not just for print, but for digital, video and pretty much everything else. And fraud is becoming a big problem for ad-based media. Traditional ads in print newspapers, magazines and other formats, have been notoriously difficult to measure. As a result, media companies were able to charge huge sums based on the assumption that a large number of people saw an advertiser’s message. With this, measuring the effectiveness of advertising has been getting a lot of importance. But today, the measurement of quality views has arguably gotten even harder, for a number of reasons. One is that no one seems to agree on what exactly media companies should be measuring. Clicks? Page-views? Time spent on a page? Unique monthly visitors? Not many are sure. On further investigation, it appears there are a number of reasons why an ad would not be shown to an actual reader- The ad could be broken, and so it doesn’t load or get displayed properly, or it may be so slow to load that the person browsing the site leaves before the ad has been viewed. These are few ways in which fraudsters may manipulate the advertising scenario. Advertising fraud schemes are conducted in a myriad of ways, and hence we bring you this info-graphic to stay updated with the common methods of fraud and tools available to prevent the same.
Tools to Avoid Fraud

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