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When an advertisement or a piece of content lacks a great headline, it does not matter how good it is. You might as well throw out the effort you spent creating it. There is little sense in dedicating time to creating content or running ads if your headlines are not compelling. It would be similar to writing a great book and giving it a horrible cover. Potential readers won’t click to read more if there’s nothing interesting. So what strategies work for clickable headlines presently? Let’s take a look at nine powerful, reproducible ways to write a great headline this year, with plenty of examples. Let’s make sure your content gets the traffic it deserves!
Tip 1: Use Simple, but Powerful Language
The language style you choose impacts the click-worthiness of your headline and article. If words seeming bland or uninspiring are used, potential readers would get disappointed. Instead stick with language that is simple, but powerful. For example, turn your headline into a call-to-action with words such as “Try”, or addressing the reader directly by using the word “You.” You can also transform a generic headline with a powerful word like “never.” Keeping the language simple also gets more eyes on your post. Some examples of such headlines  would be ‘How to fix your sleep problems with science’ or ‘Adobe released a ton of software for free and you should try these’
Tip 2: Target Keywords with High Search Volumes
What use is running an ad if people aren’t even interested in the topic? Every headline written should target a particular keyword with good search volume as this not only ensures your headline gets optimized but also proves that people are looking for information related to your topic. Is the keyword you’re targeting something that people are actually searching for? It would be useless if the answer s no. There are plenty of tools that can be used in finding volume keywords for your headlines. If you have an AdWords account, you can use their Keyword Planner. Type in some potential keywords for an idea of their volume, and then target terms with medium to high search volume. Keep in mind that for keywords with high search volumes, the competition is going to be much steeper, and your content will have to be all the more amazing to rank on SERP.
Tip 3: Make a Bold Statement
Introducing a shock factor on your headline will almost always ensure a high CTR. Think of ways to spice your title up and word it in a way that draws readers in. Making a bold, opinionated or controversial statement is the bet way to do this. Another example of headlines making bold claims include ‘become a millionaire before 30’.
Tip 4: Include Numbers in Your Headline
This tip may seem obvious, but we couldn’t leave it out because it’s proven time and again to be very effective. People are automatically attracted to numbers and lists and they’re easy for the brain to process This will ensure your future reader that the format is going to be easy to digest. “Numbers work well in headlines as humans like predictability and dislike uncertainty,” says Techmantu. Also conducted a study where they found that headlines with numbers significantly outperform headlines without numbers. A marketer needs to ask ‘Have competitors written articles or run ads around the same topic I am planning to cover? What headlines did they use? What are the headlines of the pages that are already ranking in Google? How can I make mine better? These are the types of questions you should be asking in order to write more compelling headlines. Chances of grabbing high CTR’s are low if the headline doesn’t stand out from the millions coming out everyday. Google your keyword and see what pops up in that #1 ranking. Also, use content curation tools like Buzzsumo to search for your keyword/topic, and see which related articles have gotten the most shares. Why was that? Great headlines drive people to share it with their audience. Research is critical to knowing how you can craft a headline that is more enticing? !
Tip 5: Ask a Strange or Funny Question
Questions, the weird ones specifically, are the perfect way to grab attention in a way that leaves them wanting more, creating a curiosity gap.Reason is the instinct uncover the answer, which can’t be done unless they click on a headline and visit the website. When used right, this method guarantees high CTR’s. Questions appeal to reader emotions like few others can, and “It promotes that important conversational tone important to a good post. It leaves readers wanting to know more.” It is important to be strategic about the questioning strategy though as recommendations are that asking questions in a misleading way could turn potential readers away.
Some examples of headlines based on questions would be:
Is it possible for this event to happen?
Is bloody pink chicken safe to eat?
Tip 6: Create a Sense of Urgency
The Fear Of Missing Out is a real thing which works well when writing headlines. Instill a sense of urgency by giving a date when the special offer expires and using urgent language. An example would be “Book Now and Get Extra $15 on Jet Airlines, Flights Tickets. Hurry!” By using “Hurry!” you urge your reader to click-through and take advantage of this limited-period offer. This can work even better when giving an exact deadline, for example “3 hours left!” or “Limited Tickets 30% Discount, Expires Tonight.”
There’s an art to how much information you should divulge in a headline, but you should never reveal your main takeaway. If you do, the reader will have no reason to click-through and read the rest of your content. These are popular strategies. Think about ways that you can mix and match these together and share the top 5 best headlines with your team. You would come to a clear consensus in no time. Share the strategies that you might have used in the section below.

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