Tips on Digital Transformation

When digital technology applies itself to all features of an organisation to create a change, an industry implementing this undergoes a digital transformation. This transformation  brings about innovation, and sidelines traditional methods. With this, you can stabilize a company when rapid innovation follows. Keep reading and find out how you can incorporate these concepts into a workable digital transformation plan for the organization.  Here are some tips to make your digital transformation journey simpler.
-Plan Fast and Act Quickly
-Use Data to Make Decisions
-Embrace the New Culture
-Hasten Customer Service

  • Quick Turnaround Time:

    Digital media, today is said to be five times bigger and faster than traditional media. According to research, strategies that can be planned and executed quickly are in demand. It is advisable to plan for the short term or to establish short term goals. Planning far ahead tends to stagnate the strategy,  and you might be unable to cope with problems. So customers get nothing.
  • Better Decisions With Data:

    When the timelines are short, resources get stressed and R&D becomes really expensive. Blindly implementing initiatives isn’t any useful either. This is where big data throws light on what is known, and helps take advantage of the information coming in from customers. By capturing and analyzing data, you have a lean laboratory with which the operations can be examined and improved. Analytics always drives up value and revenue when used correctly.
  • Change In Culture:

    Change needs to be supported by a organization by being ready to change. No strategy can be successful is change is not welcomed. Not just the tools that are used, digital transformation is a complete shift to a different method to fulfill the needs of the modern customer. Speed of operations is an important component, and there is no shortage of factors which reduce the speed of responses to demands. To reduce this , management should involve employees as much as possible and ensure that they are aware of the benefits of this transformation and how it outweighs associated short term disruption. Today employees see the benefit as they are tuned in to the digital culture of modern organizations, although they know that the transformation is accompanied by a significant shift in the way things are done. But when a strategy is lacking and too many things are attempted, employees get nervous. But working with well defined directives and prioritizing the activities, employees can easily board the transformation ship.
  • Know Your Customers:New organizations have no historical precedent while choosing tools and designing workflows. They can now work agile from the start, and take advantage of being able to disrupt the marketplace and cater to changing customer requirements. But traditional companies need not worry. They have brand recognition and existing customers, which are strengths to leverage upon. Start ups do not necessarily have these luxuries, and hence it needs to work towards the strengths of traditional competitors. So a level playing field is created for the new and old.

The change required to satisfy customer demands needs clarity and one single solution does not exist. The usage of these solutions varies. Collaboration across cross functional teams is desirable to implement innovation across the segment. Spend time and look through the repository of tools available as these are able to deliver value in your digital transformation. Use customer insights and prioritize the digital experience. Create the ability to share transformation defects and fix bugs with ease. Better efficiency, easy integration and ability to scale are to be examined. But more importantly, keep an eye out for competitor and market trends. Analyze the data and see if new technology adoption needs urgent attention. Creative strategies are important when shifting away from the old methods with more cross functional teams. To create a successful strategy for digital transformation, the ability to act quickly by utilizing data and finally providing customers what they want, needs to be balanced.

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