Support For Ad Groups on Twitter Ads Editor

In August 2015, Twitter introduced Ads Editor, through which advertisers could manage their campaigns by setting budgets, defining objectives, and including creatives. But, targeting was never defined or focused for advertisers. Also, it never supported large-scale campaigns. Marketers had to make huge number of edits and additions to run each of their campaigns.

Last week, Twitter announced a new and improved functionality in ads editor to support ad groups – through which segmentation can be done effectively, targeting different users, messages and demographics. This tool is very similar to what Facebook has going on, with several levels of targeting that can be added to the campaigns. It allows an advertiser to add multiple ad groups, such as location, language, gender, etc. Multiple ad groups can be created for each campaign. Each of these ad groups can have different criteria for targeting, and can also accommodate different creatives for each. This allows for advertisers to test across different groups and improve campaign performance.

Twitter also recently introduced Twitter Flight School as part of their business model. This is to educate advertisers on all advertising opportunities on Twitter. Advertisers are also awarded a diploma after they have completed all of the courses. The curriculum now includes a course on ad groups. With Ads Editor in August 2015, Twitter Flight Plan in January 2016 and Ad Groups in April 2016, the rate at which Twitter is improving to accommodate for advertisers is impressive.

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