Stream TV Audio to Multiple Phones Using Blipcast

A small pocket-friendly adapter called Blipcast makes it possible for users to listen to TV on their smartphones.

Ever wished to watch your favourite TV show during late hours of the night, without waking up your roommates or family? Ever wished for a discreet TV-watching time, where no one asks you to turn down the volume? Blipcast is hoping to address all of that and more, with a new Kickstarter campaign.

This adapter takes the shape of an audio waveform, and can be plugged into most audio-visual devices. Blipcast sends sound wirelessly from the TV to a smartphone and is controlled using an app that needs to be installed on an iOS or Android device. There are similar solutions already out there, but Blipcast allows multiple smartphones to be connected to the TV audio, thereby allowing multiple users to listen in at the same time – as long as they are connected to the same network. Multiple Blipcasts can be installed in different parts of your house/workplace, and can be easily switched through the app.


The team behind Blipcast hopes to make life easier for parents and the hard of hearing through this technology. Although Blipcast hasn’t hit the markets yet, pre-ordering has been made available on Kickstarter for a lesser amount. Estimated Delivery is not until November 2016.

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