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A new mobile app analytics and engagement solution, Pyze, launched last week out of stealth with a $1.7 million in seed funding from DoubleRock and other angel investors. This business intelligence platform will enable mobile app publishers to maximize their app growth, revenue and improvise engagement with users. The very fact that the core product is free, is a huge differentiator, as other similar platforms usually charge publishers thousands of dollars per month.

The main purpose of this software, according to the founder of Pyze, Prabhjot Singh, is to make mobile app publishers successful in growing loyal users. Once the smart app agent app is installed on a mobile app, the artificial intelligence enabled agent automatically creates behavioral maps for each user. It uses machine language and deep contextualization to connect the dots from various sources and categorize users based on common behavior. Modifiable user segments are automatically created. Pyze also provides tools that will automatically send personalized push notifications and in-app messages to users at most appropriate times. These features will help marketers identify inactive users, increase loyalty of active users, understand their app engagement health and improve current and future engagement strategies.

Pyze – Main Menu
Here is how Pyze provides a visual presentation of segments:

Segments can be extended to interact with other segments and also have contextual menus for setting up rules for engagement

Key features of the software, as listed by Pyze include:

  • Visual Intelligence that supplies key business metrics and data such as predictions, real-time activity, customer churn and more.
  • A Growth Automation capability provides for the care of customers with custom interaction points to attract new users, engage existing users and resurrect users in attrition.
  • Pyze Growth Automation develops touch points with users based on important behavior and usage milestones.
  • Intelligence Explorer that enables precise user targeting aided by automated segmentation and manual explorations of data in real-time, leveraging key behavioral attributes such as engagement, loyalty, revenue, etc.
  • iOS and Android agents that use artificial intelligence to adapt to an environment and reduce device resource consumption

Pyze has also received close to $500,000 from startup programs by Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft BizSpark Plus, enabling Pyze to quickly scale its SaaS business.

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