Snapchat is Starting a New Digital Magazine About Technology

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Snapchat announced last week that it is going to launch a new digital magazine called Real Life on June 27th this year. According to the company, the magazine will not be a forum for gossip, reviews or another news platform, but a forum about how people live today and how bounded and eased lives have become through technology.

The magazine will comprise of essays, discussions, arguments and various narratives around “living with technology”. The news was announced through a blog post by Nathan Jurgenson, a Snapchat employee and a social media critic, who will soon serve as the magazine’s editor-in-chief. According to the blog, the main purpose of the magazine is to address technology as the main event, to address the political uses of technology and also discuss the best and worst practices inside and outside the technology industry. The content will mostly be text unlike the “story” format in Snapchat. Snapchat will fund the magazine but the magazine will retain its editorial independence. The publication will also cover other things that shape ones life today.

“We believe in this project, and we’re doing this because we think and care about the things you’ll see discussed on the site: identity, power, privacy, surveillance, relationships, beauty, to name a few.”, says Jurgenson in his blog

This is a clear sign that Snapchat does not want to be restricted to just mobile devices. The company could also venture into ads eventually and bring in more revenue from advertising. What comes as a surprise is that the publication will be available on the web and not within the app, and will publish one article every day.  Soraya King will serve as the managing editor for the magazine.

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