Snapchat for Teens? Or Concerned Parents?

Every teen you meet is snapping or applying Snapchat filters, but according to the latest update from The Wall Street Journal, the craze is catching up with the older folks as well. The younger users are, of course, not taking it pleasantly.

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Per the chart below, shared by Wall Street Journal, 38 percent of the smart phone users in the US, who use Snapchat fall on the age bracket of 25-34, and 14 percent of the smart phone users are 35 years and older.


Well, most popular social media platforms today, such as Facebook, were popular with the younger generation first before the older group started joining in. Snapchat may be following suit here; although unlike Facebook, the communication in Snapchat is more private. Teens generally are known to quit apps when parents join in, but surprisingly, Snapchat is only getting more popular.

Would it turn into a Twitter or Facebook? Only time can tell – which brings me to the second update about the app. According to a recent update from Business Insider, Snapchat has filed a patent on its new product that would use the ‘snaps’ of a user to show ads relevant to him/her. The product would probably use image recognition technology to recognise images, and show ads that the user is mostly interested in.

The patent also shows various examples through which Snapchat can make money out of the platform. For instance, a user snaps a picture of a cup of coffee, the image recognition software immediately identifies it as a cup of coffee, and could in turn show coupon options to redeem in-store, offer relevant and custom filters, or calorie information of a cup of coffee, and so on. For advertisers, this is exciting, and we definitely hope the patent gets through.

View the patent document here.
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