Snapchat Adds World Lenses to its Platform

As more and more platforms are emerging and growing, the competition is obviously increasing in parallel. Both Instagram and Snapchat are fiercely competing to add extra capabilities in order to outshine the other. Snapchat added few features to its platform this week.

Snapchat Stories

Users can now rewind through Stories, giving them the ability to go back to a snap that they swiped past. This feature is already present in Instagram; although Instagram copied the Stories product from Snapchat this August.

World Lenses

Snapchat added a new feature that lets users apply a whole bunch of graphics to the world around them. Available in both iOS and Android, World Lenses uses augmented reality to everything around. Basically, rather than just adding puppy features to one’s face, it lets you add filters to anything around you. It is very similar to what users experience with selfie-lenses otherwise. There are several options and themes to choose from such as horror theme/election day filters/ hearts and so on. Another feature among the upcoming releases, called Spectacles, allows users to wear glasses and record video, and also allows users to edit the recording and add filters. This feature will be a paid feature (costing $129).

Shareable Snaps

Snapchat is also making snaps in users’ stories shareable. The link can be shared through direct messages to friends. This feature is also available with Instagram; photos and videos can be shared in private but cannot be reposted on the feed, in contrast to Twitter’s retweet button.

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