Shopify Enables Direct Sales Through Messenger

Shopify, a company that provides software tools for online retailers, has now been added to the Messenger app. Shopify’s online stores and commerce services can now list products in Messenger.

The added functionality enables Shopify to list its product to a billion users and get them to browse and purchase in the platform without quitting the app. Users can now see a “Shop Now” option when they interact with any business on any Facebook business page. Users will be directed using Shopify’s Messenger sales channel, and will be displayed the list of products from the catalog, which they can tap to make a purchase later. All purchases are processed in Shopify’s checkout portal within Facebook Messenger. Facebook had announced earlier this year that it would start allowing companies to chat with messenger bots that will process requests and carry out tasks for business purposes. Over a month ago, Messenger also announced that it would let customers pay for purchases without having to leave the app. Integrating Shopify and Messenger is precisely a step forward in that direction.

Brandon Chu, Shopify’s product manager feels that Messenger is a place that will make it convenient for companies to carry out tasks such as send order receipts, shipping status, etc. The main attraction with Messenger is that the Messenger’s 1.2 platform update enables various payment options that Shopify wants to take advantage of. Also, Messenger offers to let developers set the limit of web views for conversations – which will be useful as it enables the required amount of transparency with the users, while keeping certain information still private.

“From an end consumer perspective, it’s still pretty novel to think of messaging a business first when you want to interact with them, so that’s going to take some time to catch up with some of the interactions that are common in Asia,” explained Chu “The outcome is moving to an Internet version of what retail used to be, where you walk into a store and share with a merchant some of your problems or the thing that you’re looking for.”

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