Secret To Successful Content Campaigns

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The secret formula for instant successful content marketing campaigns is what we work on continually, at Techmantu Digital. We do have our formula that is regularly tweaked based on observations about what works, and what does not. To spot the trends that help in shaping our formula, we assimilate data on all our campaigns created for clients. This is then used in creating better content.

When you view different metrics, it may become difficult to understand the measurement that is highly important. While determining what analytic is important to a business, and while defining social media objectives, our analysis showed us the relationship between the performance of campaigns, measured by the number of placements, shares, links and other important criteria. Here are some of our findings –


  1. Majority of posts received few shares. This is accompanied by fewer links. The sample was randomly selected and was clear that there exists a lot of poor stuff and people find it difficult to amplify their content.
  2. On analyzing well-shared posts, half of them had no external links. This means as posts gather more shares, it becomes very hard to acquire links.
  3. Links and shares are not distributed around an average. There was also no correlation between shares and links. This implies people share for a number of reasons, and not just the obvious.
  4. There is specific content that has a strong correlation with links and shares. This is usually research supported content and opinion creating journalism. These two types had the maximum share of links.
  5. More than three-quarters of the sample studied, other than quizzes and videos, was less than a 1000 words. But the long-form content of more than a thousand words received more shares or links. This would suggest that writing quality long-form content is hard for a lot of people.
  6. Content formats like videos or quizzes were more likely to be shared. They get no links, but millions of shares.
  7. List Posts also gain a large number of shares. And in terms of links, ‘Why is..’ and List posts, as an info-graphic, achieve a high number of referring domains than other content types on average.


What is slightly clearer from this study is it appears that links and shares can be increased, and that depends on a combination of factors like site popularity, content type, format, and length. We also see that content in the long form consistently gets higher shares and higher links on average. Stay tuned for more updates.

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