Scaling a Start-Up with Content

Content marketing is super effective at scaling the traffic to a website. Typically, the approach to content marketing is very ad-hoc and out of control. Since content can drive vast amounts of high-value traffic and generate leads, it is critical to track, measure, and control that the traffic and resultant growth in a meaningful way. This is very challenging. With large traffic targets to be achieved, one has to figure out what works effectively and put together a plan to build up on the lessons learnt.
We assume that search and social are key channels that will be used by audiences for primary and secondary research during their buying decisions.
Therefore any content marketing program will be confused on key drivers for success in search and social:

  • How to create content that attracts your target audience
  • How to generate links to improve rankings and visibility
  • Gain authority in the space and increase presence through social media

The content marketing strategy can be organized, to meet success on the above drivers into a Content Marketing Triangle.
The Content Marketing Triangle
1. Content that is easy to reach
Create content that is keyword focused and easy to search. With respect to a student searching a good college, content should only help by providing answers to questions like ‘what do colleges look for in students that apply?’ People looking for the answers come within the target market. They should be able to find the answer quickly, so the product on offer can be presented. But many posts are loved or hated. In many cases, we let Google generate traffic, even though the content is hardly promoted. And this library of focused content lets you amplify your voice,  and bring in customers.
2. Make Content Go Viral
Design this content so it is received well by the target demographic on social media. Make sure it is liked and shared abundantly to bring additional traffic. And it doesn’t have to always be super informative or be keyword optimized to get links. Although talking dogs or singing parrots may make for a funny scene, they would probably not get search traffic or earn links, but drives traffic and creates brand awareness. Using these pivotal elements of surprise, fun, or intrigue, not only make content go viral but bring about the brand recall. Socially viral content should be used to get our target market familiar with our site and to start to earn trust. You could even use social-viral content to generate traffic and then re-target visitors to convert them to leads.
3. Link-building content
To put the evergreen content to work, one needs links to his site. Without strong domain authority, all articles are akin to being thrown overboard, or page 20 on Google search. Provide authority to your entire domain and raise Google rank of all pages by creating content specifically aimed at earning links. For once, you need to forget your target audience and think about other publishers, writers or sites and find out what content they link back to. On studying this, you’ll realize that content that earns links from reputable websites is often not your usual blog
post. It could be engaging graphics or a very valuable resource. You need promote to get the content in front of the right people. This is all about creating a strategic mix of content, with everything having a purpose. You can make every piece of content work really hard. However, in smaller markets, this strategy may end up having a few really strong, product-focused landing pages propped up by content that historically has earned links.
In any case, the main point remains true. Content should work together to achieve stated objectives. Each piece must have a purpose. Know more about our services rendered in close partnership with our customers, to address the current state of their digital media, along the pillars of Strategy, Infrastructure, Measurement and Enablement.

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