Say Hello to Waffle – The Latest Social Networking App

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You can get ideas for your pin-board on Pintrest or upload photos on Instagram or Facebook, but no social network allows users to create and collaborate media together. Samsung has identified and addressed what is absent in today’s social networks by launching an app called Waffle. That’s right – the grid resembles a waffle. The grids are technically infinite and allow media to be added indefinitely in all directions. The idea behind the app is that, users can add their own content to a related content of someone else’s and vice versa.


“Waffle offers a new, differentiated service that illustrates multiple points of view to generate a collaborative story,” the company says. The application is all about collaboration as it allows everyone to share notes and illustrations and in turn add images and doodles to existing content and thus creating a “collaborative graffiti wall”. While this definitely sounds great, there is the risk of different perspectives being forced together. The app is currently in beta in Android and will hit the markets later this year, if Samsung decides to proceed.

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