Reddit Launched Interest-Based Ad Targeting

Reddit has long been supporting subreddit ad targeting. Joining the big race of the other social media giants, Reddit announced recently that it is launching a new feature that would target users based on interests (in places, music, travel, sports, and so on) and display relevant ads.

“This will allow advertisers to target audiences based on a handful of predefined interests (e.g. sports, gaming, music, etc.), which will be informed by which communities they frequent. A targeted ad is more relevant to users and more valuable to advertisers.”, said Reddit CEO Steve Huffman.

Like every other social media platform out there, Reddit also has a good number of users who are annoyed with ads in the platform. To address this problem, Steve has provided an opt-out option of this new ad product, which would result in no further ads being shown to that user. Both users and advertisers usually benefit from such a model.

Users are generally taking the news well and on an average, they look at the whole update as a positive development in the current competitive marketplace. Although, there is a long, long way for it to go and grow, it is definitely excellent news that Reddit is making efforts to try and increase revenue and profits , and display ads based on users preferences.

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