Optimizing a Real Estate Website

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There are many differences between regular websites and real estate sites. Temporary content, like a property on sale, is shown as a page that becomes redundant when the property is sold. Along with continuously changing content, aka new properties on sale, your website needs static content too. Making a website more personal helps in selling these expensive items. Here are some tips to improve the static content and dealing with dynamic content after a sale is completed.


The About Page – Remember, on a real estate site, items being sold are pretty expensive, and it helps when you make the experience a little more personal. Introduce the team behind the product and add some images. Add a short note on how selling real estate is a combined passion of the team. Then add some history of the venture. These things together make a website look a lot more professional. Any real estate agency understanding this will be at an advantage.


The Area – A lot of real estate sites across the world promote their own specific areas exclusively. Create some levels in these, or categorize them. Address the entire service area first, and follow by identifying subsections. If it is information regarding the entire state, use content specifying how great the state is. Why should anyone consider moving there? Why should buying a house there be interesting for the visitor? Find prominent areas and create pages for specific subsections. Of course, the numbers will vary as you go deeper, but when you update the page based on area regularly, your real estate page becomes the encyclopedia for local things. Use a list of hospitals and schools around, along with relocation services and videos about the neighborhood to better the page.


Location and Contact Details – A direct and personal source of contact is preferred by many buyers and sellers of real estate. So make sure you list the contact numbers on the website at a  prominent location. List the telephone number on a sidebar and add a contact page with a contact form, and the location of your office. Use an SEO plugin to optimize these details and add a markup to the address details. A contact form on the sidebar next to the particular estate listing is suggested if you want to see visitor details.


MLS & IDX – IDX(Internet Data Exchange) and MLS (Multiple Listing Services) tools are helpful when integrating properties, from your side or other brokers, onto your site. IDX listing is less detailed when compared to an MLS listing. They operate on the same principle though, add listings to a site and allow other real estate agents to share listings on their websites. This way, both the buyer and realtor benefit. Each property on sale is shown to the potential buyer, while the buyer can make the best choice before calling the realtor.


Listings – Add a description to your listing of the estate, and then some images and address of the property, which will get you ranked. And when the listing appears in the search page, feels like a waste to remove it from the website immediately after a sale. So, don’t do it. This is because when the property is sold, it pays to keep it online for a few months. Make sure you list that the property has been sold and list alternate properties on the page to redirect people who searched that location earlier. Make an actual redirect to the next step. To optimize right, divide the property into a few more levels. try going from the state then district and finally city, and more if possible. This helps in always linking to one category or another. You will be redirecting them to an alternate collection of estates in the same area. You should retain some similarities to the property that has been sold, like an identical number of rooms, or similar nearby schools and hospitals. When you optimize the page with a proper description and title, it works as a substitute for a category page.


Other real estate sites are considered an essential component of the marketing mix, just like social media. Use it to display the real estate you are selling to a greater audience. Doing this makes you offerings very attractive to people looking for a new home. If you are not on these websites and have not yet added a great description and an identical number of pictures, you are missing quite a few potential buyers, even as we speak.

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