Ranked Conversations and Direct Reply Count Come to Twitter

Twitter introduced a couple of features to its platform this week – Conversation Ranking and Direct Reply Count.

Conversation Ranking

This feature is being introduced to Twitter’s mobile platform, which has changed its design for replies. Replies are no longer displayed in chronological order, and are ranked in the order of preferences and interests. Twitter gathers information about interests of its users based on whether they follow the users who replied within the conversation and provides a personalized ranking that will be different for different users. The more popular replies are by default ranked higher than the others. The feature is already prevalent for web, but is new to mobile.

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Following conversations may not be a cakewalk, now with ranking in the picture. But, according to Twitter, the conversation component is essential to improve one’s experience on the platform.

Direct Reply Count

The number of users who are involved in the conversation can be seen going forward, using this feature. This number is displayed adjacent to the “Reply” icon and will show the exact number of direct replies received. This may or may not be the total number of replies in the conversation.

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