Pinterest’s User Base Shoots Up by 50 Percent in Less Than a Year

Latest from the social media platform is that 150 million users are on it every month. It has grown by 50 percent from last year. The platform has surely shown tremendous progress in terms of its user base. But, it is also important to note the gap between platforms such as Pinterest and giants such as Facebook or Instagram.

Although 150 million is quite a lot of people, other platforms have a greater number of users on a single day. For instance, more than seven times as many people are on Facebook on a daily basis. Instagram has 300 million people on it on a daily basis, which is twice the number on Pinterest every month. Even Twitter has 300 million users on it every month. Pinterest is far behind in terms of competition, but it definitely is growing. Majority of its users were based in the US, but now they are becoming more wide spread. According to Pinterest, about 75 percent of people are now registering from outside the US. Also, the number of men who are signing up on the platform has grown by 70 percent in one year.

In terms of growth, the platform is definitely showing progress. The past year has seen more variety with respect to the versitality of accounts. It is still too early to tell whether the platform will retain these accounts and be able to compete with the giants in terms of its monthly active user base.

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