Pinterest Makes Instapaper-Premium Free for All

Few months ago, Pinterest had acquired Instapaper, which is a popular read-it-later app that can be used to save articles to be used/read at a later point in time. Only recently did Pinterest talk about it or announced updates on that front ever since the acquisition. Instapaper announced that the premium features within the app are now available for free and open to all users.

A monthly fee is no longer required to access the premium version of the app service. Earlier users would have had to pay $3 per month or $30 a year in order to access the premium features. Following are the previously paid and now-free features available within the service –

  • Full-text search allowing users to search through all the articles that have been saved to Instapaper by the particular user, including the ones that have been archived.
  • Unlimited Notes feature
  • Text-to-speech playlists that allows users to create a playlist of all the saved articles.
  • Speed Reading that allows users to get the full speed-reading experience (up to 3x faster) with no boundaries on the usage.
  • Send articles saved on Instapaper to users’ Amazon Kindles.

The full-text search and the unlimited notes features could be useful to Pinterest, considering the fact that it can get data on the keywords that users use to search within articles. This gives Pinterest a better idea on what ads and content people in the platform prefer. Pinterest has also recently been pulling ads from Instapaper; Users can thus browse Instapaper’s website with zero interference from ads. The company also confirmed that users who have already been subscribed to the premium version will be issued refunds in the next few weeks.

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