Pinterest Introduces "Rotating Showcase" to the Platform

Pinterest announced several new features this month – one being the rotating “Showcase”. Users who have previously interacted/ who interact with your business profile on Pinterest can be displayed a customized showcase of the best ideas of the business. According to Pinterest, over 1 million businesses are on the platform, and 75 percent of the content saved by these users come from these businesses. The stats explain why Pinterest decided to add a feature that allows brands to highlight its content briefly to its users.

These visuals can be manually selected by the business and can accommodate up to five boards and buyable pins. This showcase will happen at the top right corner of the business profile, and has the following advantages –

  • The showcase allows for highlights of sale and other business offers.
  • The design of showcase is mobile friendly, and is consistent across all mobiles and the web.

Pinterest has also bought in other improvements on to the platform. Users can now see separate tabs for boards and pins. It makes it easier for a user to just access the Pins tab directly in order to check the total number of ideas saved. Pins liked by the brand are only visible to the brand. The new showcase takes the position of the “most recent pins” on mobile. This way, users are tuned to see what the brand wants them to see, rather than viewing the latest saves on the profile. Lastly, the platform has also added the capability of choosing new board cover images on mobiles.

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