Ozlo – The Latest Intelligent Agent App in Town

Ozlo is the last of the independent intelligent agents left, according to its co-founder and CEO, Charles Jolley. Although the app is a “me too” in terms of its basic information gathering and basic functionality, the differentiator lies at how the app can not only gather but also link sources of information together.

Martech reported that the founder quoted few key examples and differentiators between Ozlo and other intelligent agent apps. For instance, when Jolley wanted steak and live music at Vegas, the app had suggested a restaurant by gathering information about the steak from an article in Time Out magazine and about live music from Trip Advisor. On the contrary, according to Jolley, Google Assistant would just provide a web link to some random article or would probably read out a snippet. It usually has a standard set of sources to get information from and only then move to a specified category source (such as Trip Advisor) to address the query. Ozlo on the other hand has been designed to crawl the web, gather information from required and relevant sources, and link the pieces of information together to generate the best answer.


Ozlo is also trained to learn about user preferences and interests. Hence, over time, it would be able to suggest cuisines, movies, places, and so on to users to personalize their search query as much as possible. It has already been trained to know about restaurants, bars and recipes, movies, weather, news and about 20 million locations in the US.

Ozlo is currently in private beta and will soon be available both as an iOS app and via the web.

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