New Mobile Ad Formats by Yahoo – Featuring 360 degree Images and Video

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Yahoo recently introduced a new mobile ad format, focused on delivering for post ad clicks or taps. The idea is to help brands reach out to customers through engaging and interactive content.

The new mobile format will be available to advertisers and marketers on the Yahoo Gemini and BrightRoll platforms, and will provide 360 degree ad videos and imagery on the post click environment. With the launch of Yahoo Tiles, Yahoo hopes to enable brands convey their brand story better through visually compelling and interactive ads on mobile. When a potential customer clicks on a particular ad on the mobile, he/she is directed to a landing page that contains 360-degree content, which can include images, social elements, videos, and other dynamic content. The format will cater to both Android and iOS devices.


Yahoo isn’t the first to move away from traditional landing pages on mobile; Opera had also introduced the 360-degree model couple of months ago. Yahoo may be the late in catching up, but it is definitely providing a larger canvas for advertisers to reach out to the 600 million mobile users on the platform. Previous efforts to provide dynamic and interactive elements on a post tap environment had apparently generated greater user engagement. According to sources from Yahoo, “One QSR advertiser saw a 4x lift in user engagement when designing an experience for users to swipe through multiple flavors of their product. In another instance, a CPG brand built an immersive 360-degree dinner experience to draw in the consumer and saw a 5x lift in time-earned, or the average time a consumer spent viewing and interacting with the ad.”

Yahoo also announced the launch of Yahoo Storytellers, which is a full service content marketing studio catering to brands, advertisers and agencies. Brands can now leverage Yahoo resources and access capabilities including: content consulting services, curriculum based workshops, development of premium video and full range of editorial content.

With more and more data being consumed through mobile, brands are now focussing on bettering ads and mobile creative content on mobile.

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