NASA Opens Official Pinterest and GIPHY Accounts

NASA now has official accounts on Pinterest and GIPHY. NASA announced that it wants to show everyone the best of what it does. It’s official account on Pinterest already has over 44k followers and is filled with pictures of planets, galaxies, space stations and so on. It has pinned new and historic images and videos on its pinboard.

“This social media platform allows users to browse and discover images from across NASA’s many missions in aeronautics, astrophysics, Earth science, human spaceflight, and more, and pin them to their own pinboards.”, according to a NASA blog post.

The Gipsy channel (a database and search engine of animated images in GIF format) on the other hand, features animated GIFs, such as images of high-fiving engineers and operators at Mission Control, images of the moon, and so on. The GIFs are directly accessible from the Twitter app.

“Users can download and share the agency’s creations on their own social media accounts, and can be used to create or share animated GIFs to communicate a reaction, offer a visual explanation, or even create digital works of art”, said NASA in a blog post.

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NASA is fully leveraging the power of internet, and is definitely aiming to reach and update the masses on the internet. It also paves way for space memes and GIFS. NASA’s GIPHY page currently holds 462 files that are not just about the solar system, but also features treasured moments and identity of NASA as a whole. It talks about rocket launches, animated models, concept art, and so on.

According to NASA,  it will continue to add more platforms to its list in order to offer users a comprehensive view of NASA’s mission, facilities and people.

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