Must Watch E-Commerce Statistics – 2017

According to this video by ReadyCloud, eCommerce in India is expected to rise by 12% this year, and total sales of goods and services could be worth many billions of dollars by year end. This a great compared to a rise of 10% from last year. A lot of cross border and domestic shopping transactions have taken place, as millions of people spend billions of dollars online. eCommerce has been a major money spinner, and this video provides statistics on popular categories, customer service, social commerce transactions, easy return policies, the rise in free shipping, and how numbers get affected if free shipping is withdrawn and other concerns.
Watch this video throwing light on the e-commerce trends 2017.


Source: ReadyCloud

Today, big retail stores are losing out to online competitors, as consumers swap between these two channels recklessly while reading reviews and comparing prices on the web. As the coming generation won’t see any point in differentiating between the online and the physical, sellers have to adapt their strategy or modify their tactics to remain competitive. Analyzing customers and trends is getting easier now, and businesses’ must learn and use these inputs to expand e-commerce in India. With tools for Geo-tracking, re-targeting and digital marketing readily available, marketing and sales processes with them in mind have to be developed. People expect an original product that meets all their desires and this remains challenging for most sellers, as they have to adapt the supply chain from inventory management to support. Having worked  closely with client leadership teams to understand their long-term and short-term goals for sales and marketing, and realizing the role expected to be played by digital media in meeting these goals, our services have enabled customers set-up the required infrastructure for digital media work.

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