Mid-Roll Video-Ad Format Resurfaces

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Facebook is preparing to launch mid-roll video ads, a big step towards monetizing the growing video traffic on its platform. Until date, advertising partners had no strong method to monetize the available video content as CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a strict policy against pre-roll advertisements. These ads, played at the beginning of the video, are the typical monetization strategies adopted by online platforms.  A recent statement released implied that mid-roll ads were to be supported soon, along with a few other ways for partners to monetize their videos and to take advantage of the continuing growth in social media user base.

To expand its video ad space, Facebook launched Audience Networks way back in 2014 and pushed ad inventory onto third party sites. In-stream video ads were being tested on the network since last May and Facebook is now rolling out the mid-roll video ad format to all Audience Network publishers that have inventory. Advertisers will have to upload their ads ahead of time, so as to ensure the ad consumer has a good experience and to enable auctioning off time slots available. Facebook Live videos are available for quite some time now and Ad breaks for these live streams have been tested recently. The live video streamer is allowed an ad break during the video wherein a mid-roll ad will be triggered. The streamer then keeps a part of the ad revenue generated.

To improve upon the end user experience, Facebook has a threshold for when the video streamer can take an ad break. With a minimum of 2000 followers and 300 or more viewers for a duration of 4 minutes on the live video, the video streamer is eligible to activate ads. The ad break will last for 20 seconds and the advertising revenue generated is shared on a percentage basis with the streamer.

Facebook is also working to serve different ads to different viewers watching the same live broadcast. Some research has also indicated that Facebook is working on its new app for set-top boxes. Will this format of advertising reach into the set top box? With this strategy of advertising, Facebook wants to be known for quality over quantity, and how businesses convey their stories and reach out to customers better is the foundation of this exercise. The coming days will tell us more about the progress of this format!


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