Microsoft Blocks Google Chrome on Windows 10

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, Cortana, comes with every copy of the new Windows 10 release. Microsoft recently announced in its blog post that Cortana will be exclusive to Edge and Bing, and will not support alternatives such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.Previously, Cortana, by default, opened links and performed searches in the Edge browser and Bing search engine respectively, but it did not completely lock out other competitor browsers or search engines. With a few number of changes in the settings, other browsers could be accessed. According to Microsoft, blocking third party browsers and search engine providers improves user experience. Microsoft also explains that certain software programs “circumvent the design of Windows 10” by redirecting to other search engines that are not designed to work with Cortana.

While Microsoft clearly states that one can continue to use the search engine and browser of one’s choice on Windows 10 through the centralized default manager to choose the preferred default program for everything from browsing to email, the below screenshot of its centralized default manager does not display an option to alter the default search provider.


The settings can be altered, however, by following these tiresome steps:

  1. Clicking on Advanced Settings in Edge
  2. Scrolling down to “Search in the address bar” and choosing “Change”
  3. Further clicking the “Learn More” link that performs a search on Bing that tells you how to get to the search engine you want within edge
  4. Repeating steps 1 and 2

It seems an easier choice to just play along with Bing and not alter settings each time. Cortana was built and designed to use only Bing and not any other search engine, and Microsoft stresses on that fact through the Windows 10 update.

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