McCann Japan Appoints World’s First Ever AI Creative Director

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Taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level, McCann Erickson Japan created the world’s first robot that can provide creative directions for commercials. This robot, AI-CD β, has been appointed as the Creative Director for all client accounts at McCann.

AI-CD β was developed by a team called “McCann Millennials”, who ironically wanted a full service replacement of a creative director’s role. A large number of ads and commercials were tagged, analyzed and deconstructed to provide the robot with a huge database from which creative directions will be derived. Also, the robot will evaluate and gain understanding from results of commercials, which will make help plan future projects.

“Our team didn’t have a creative director, so we thought, why not create one ourselves with artificial intelligence?” said McCann Millennials founder and McCann Japan creative planner Shun Matsuzaka.

However, how are people taking it? This has paved way for criticism, AI jokes and also, speculations about jobs in the ad-land getting automated.

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The book – “The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerization?” ranks occupations by their chances of being automated. It says, telemarketers have a 99 percent probability of being fully automated, unlike multimedia artists and marketing managers, who are less likely.

Creativity is definitely ambitious for a computer – while AI-CD β maybe able to derive directions from a database, it is unsure whether it can actually provide solutions that require high degree of creative intelligence.

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