Marketing Challenges – Reaching The Unmarketable

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Organic and inspiring content engages a millennial. Being uninterested in the hard sell, they don’t buy into traditional marketing. Discussion, relationships, connection are needed.The brand and the personalities associated with it are more important than ever. So get real with your audience! Here’s a list of actions to overcome few of the marketing challenges: 

  • FOLLOW THE 80/20 RULE-
    80% being social and 20% your communication regarding your services or product. Showcase your brand personality and your team. Be organic. It’s alright not have a perfect, polished corporate edge. It will make your company feel human. Don’t be afraid to have fun and showcase the everyday life of your company. They know there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and they want to see it.
    You can’t target an age group or demographic anymore. Millennials are not traditional customers. And are not the same as parents or grandparents. They are diverse and need to be marketed to in a particular manner. Target the lifestyle or the career stage where age is irrelevant. Do some persona mapping and clearly define audiences. Stay updated with trends and know how the audience uses technology and communicates. Invest in a sustainable way and it will be well worth it.
    Videos are emotional roller-coasters. They can be fun, adventurous, raw, engaging, upsetting, or uplifting. And they receive next-level engagement.The opportunity presented through the use of video content is unlimited and often unrealized by many companies. Like this video

    Source: TEDx Talks

    Millennials are always connected and ready to share. With technology at our fingertips, sharing becomes easy and it is second nature to live stream or post what they’re up to. They also tag places they transact at in images. They share their lives and love to see what friends and loved brands are up to, whether through Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or any of the other countless platforms. And they like receiving comments and shares. Could this be a marketing opportunity? Definitely. Getting connected with the audience means more than sharing a cool photo. It should be a two-way, mutual discussion.
    Tips: If your business is on Instagram or Facebook, “like” the comments from your followers. When a follower responds to your image, give them a like and a cheeky comment. It can be something as simple as “thanks for sharing! Share images of your clients. This curated content is cost effective, chances are the pictures are great, and you will engage your audience by caring about them and their experience. You even let them contribute to your brand. Everyone is winning!

    Millennials live fast, trust few and change often. The average millennial is constantly on the look-out for new opportunities. Unfortunately for many businesses, this can result in a constantly shifting customer base. This can be combated! How?
    Tips: Make your audience fall in love with your brand through a feeling of connection. Probably cheesy, but your company’s brand, personality and team are more important than ever. Make the most of them! Build your digital presence through brilliant content and accurate targeting. Retain your audience by following through with a positive experience. A smooth and efficient experience will keep the audience coming back for more. There is a time and place for deals. Figure out what works with your audience and reward them for their loyalty.

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