Digital Marketing 2017

As the era of traditional marketing draws to a close, there are things a company might get wrong when it comes to digital marketing and marketing operations. There are hundreds of changes needed to improve marketing operations and engage consumers while making their purchasing journey simpler. Digitization has had a massive effect on the marketing function. This has made pushing campaigns through mass media to demanding consumers a tad bit complex. Watch this interview with McKinsey’s co-leader of the Global Digital Marketing Strategy group, as he explains the state of digital marketing, what companies get wrong on social media, and the role of senior leaders in pushing their organizations to master this new art.

While answering questions like what are product and data strategies, information and data, being an advantage to the organization, drives a lot of insights and is always scrutinised on how effectively it is be used. Getting the team to work together in a cross-functional mode, and setting the expectation that it is going to have to be a more team-oriented approach toward problem solving, is a senior leaders role in the exercise.

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