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When Google introduced Google Analytics 360 suite a couple of months back, we knew that Google is seriously considering and paying heed to the needs of enterprise marketers. The suite consists of a set of integrated products that would cater to address the needs of marketers and brands, by help manage large amounts of data with ease, provide easier access to third party data across all channels, and derive customer-aligned insights. Google Data Studio 360 was introduced as part of the suite as an easy-to-use data analysis and visualisation tool that would integrate data across all the analytics 360 suite products and other data sources, and derive interactive reports and dashboards. The Google Analytics team announced last week that the Google Data Studio 360 will be available for everyone to use.

What Google Data Studio Offers
The Google Data Studio primarily has three functionalities:

  1. Gather and Prepare

The Data Studio will firstly let you collect/create data from different sources such as Google Analytics or Sheets, and connect the data to accounts. So data from different platforms can be combined and viewed in a single report. Secondly, it will let you create new metrics and transform existing metrics based on formulas, choose the formatting and type of these metrics and also decide how these metrics should be used together.

  1. Visualize

The data prepared in the previous step, can then be used to create a reports. The product can be tried here and clicking on the blue button in the bottom will generate reports. Here is a look at a sample report that was generated –


Reports can also be visually customized in the “reports interface” by using the chart tools and creating charts on the report. You can visually configure data, choose styles of formatting, add texts, images and shapes, add data range control to the report, add or remove pages from the report, identify who views or edits the report, and manage your Google profile. Many visualization tools such as date picker and dynamic filter are available, which not only style or present data, but also to make data interactive. Also features that provide the ability to create heatmap from tabular data are available.


  1. Share

The Data Studio uses the Google Drive Sharing format – Once the data is collected, prepared and made into a report, the report can then be shared with anyone irrespective of whether the person has access to that particular data or not.The “share settings” can be used to control downloads or edits.

The standard version of the Google Data studio, available as a free beta version, will let users create up to five multi-page reports that can be edited and shared among any number of users.

Have you tried this tool? If you have, let us know your thoughts on how useful you find it in the comments section below.

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