Making Things Better and Better for Businesses: Facebook 2016

Facebook mobile and messenger has been brimming with updates and new features since the beginning of this year. Clearly, this is the year we will see businesses and advertisements at its best on Facebook. A week after users started noticing that Facebook messenger is gearing up for advertisements from businesses, Facebook announced yet another set of features that are designed to help users connect with businesses better. These features will soon roll out to its 900 million users.

Latest From Facebook Messenger:
1) Messenger Codes – Scannable codes that are designed to make it easier for users to find businesses in Messenger. All Facebook users have to do is scan a particular code with their camera, in order to add a contact and start a conversation on Messenger. Apart from the fact that this will make it easier to add people on Facebook messenger, this is also signaling what’s coming next to Messenger. Messenger will soon be a place where important information is sent to and fro – where companies and customer service bots are going to dominate. If you want to start a chat thread with a company’s customer service team, all you need to do is scan their code to get started.

2) Messenger Usernames and Links – Personalized names and links that are unique to each user, and which can be shared anywhere online. Businesses can have a unique username or pagename on Facebook Messenger, which will enable users to find the right page, and also start a conversation with the business just by clicking on the messenger link.

3) Customizable greetings can be sent out by brands to users who connect with the brand for the first time on Messenger.

Latest From Facebook Mobile:
Facebook rolled out a new set of mobile search filter for iOS on April 8th. This is not as direct as the graph search that existed, but provides users with options to refine and narrow down searches more effectively. Facebook offers three filters: Source, Location and Date. These filters let users and brands find specific pieces of information from a page/profile and narrow information down with the help of source, location and time filters. Facebook says that this is a broad rollout of the new search filters, and that this isn’t a test. The rollout will begin with iOS, but the search filters are going to eventually make their way to Facebook’s Android app, as well as the desktop version.


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