Are You Making These Common Google AdWords Mistakes?

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Running a marketing program using AdWords is a great way to drive traffic to a site, but being paid campaigns, it can be seen as expensive if not executed correctly. When managed well, campaigns cost less than what it brings in and helps you stay in business. It all comes down to managing your AdWords, your campaigns, and the budget. In this post, we point out the most common mistake while starting off with AdWord advertising. Watch this video and avoid the highlighted mistakes, to understand all about managing highly successful AdWord campaigns.

Incorrect Adword Grouping – Setup to manage different types of campaigns, ads and keywords can be set into different groups. Lumping all keywords into one ad group and showing the same ad to everyone just won’t work anymore. Instead, segment ads into groups based on similar types of keywords. The closer the ad copy matches the keyword, the more likely people are to click on the ad. Use no more than 20 keywords per group, as exceeding this means your ad copy isn’t matching the keyword being searched as closely as it could.
Not Using the Right Keyword Matches – Not using the right broad match or exact match keywords is another mistake commonly committed. A good approach is to start with exact matches and then expand the phrase as needed. If you aren’t getting enough impressions with exact matches, then you can add the terms as a phrase match. But if you aren’t getting good results with a broad match, you can scale back to use only exact and/or phrase matches..
Not Using Negative Keywords – AdWords allows you to use negative keywords as a way to exclude keywords that are not a good match for your product. Negative keywords can be added at both the campaign and the ad group level. Dig into Google Analytics since it has more detailed information than AdWords about specific keyword searches.
Trust Numbers More Than Creativity – Loving the ad you have created is fine , as long as the numbers show good traction and progress. Hence you should always test your copy, sometime with different headlines ,content or variations between the calls to action. Select the copy with the highest click through rate, conversion rate or lowest cost per acquisition. You may be surprised that this kind of testing can eventually lead to doubling your conversion rates and halving your cost per acquisition.
Not Bidding On Your Own Brand – Lots of people make the mistake of not bidding on their own brand. Flow has to be enabled. Thinking you don’t need advertising as you already rank for your own brand is a way out, but if you don’t advertise for your brand, other companies will. Your competitor may be advertising with your brand name for an ad group and target your visitors.
Not Knowing Lifetime Value Of Customers – By calculating the LTV or ‘LifeTime Value’ for customers, you know how much is to be spent in attracting new customers. A lot of companies don’t know their LTV so they don’t know what a good CPA is. Check this link, which carries an info-graphic from KissMetrics, for more clarity on calculating a customer’s LTV. Calculate the LTV for your business, and then manage your campaigns accordingly.
Other important aspects are not testing the optimal ad position, not knowing who you are competing against or what keywords your competitors are using. This list can be daunting, which is why you this video helps with setting up your Adwords advertising strategy before you start off. Following the recommendations will help you optimize your campaigns and avoid the common pitfalls most people get stuck in with AdWords.

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