LiveWorld Launches High-Speed Social Conversation Management Platform

LiveWorld, a social service software and services provider, recently launched a new platform to help marketers manage customer conversations in real time across all social media and messaging apps. Keeping tabs on every conversation about your brand on each social media platform is a tiring and long process, and LiveWorld hopes to resolve that very problem through this launch.

LiveWorld was founded 20 years ago and has always been involved in building social media and online community platforms. The new cloud-based solution helps brands identify customer conversations in social media, categorize them as mentions or issues, prioritize these conversations based on customer service inquiries and loyalty marketing opportunities and finally respond to them. Combining social media and customer service technologies into one application, the software allows companies in handling multiple conversations more efficiently.

According to LiveWorld, efficient conversation management requires managing scale and speed issues. The CEO of the company, Peter Friedman claims that on an average, 500 to 1000 actions, such as identifying, reviewing, escalating, tagging and responding, can be performed by the new software on social media posts in one hour. The response is faster than any other known tool. The focus is also on being empathetic and personal with respect to customer issues. The software combines analytics, semantic and sentiment analysis, and customer targeting for smart conversation detection. Once conversations are identified and tagged, the system routes them with natural language processing, and enables “smart listening” for sentiment analysis. Brands are also provided with the ability to delete/switch conversations from public to private on Facebook and twitter. A built-in case management framework is then used to process the required conversations and optimize them for social media and messaging apps.

LiveWorld is deployed across thousands of social pages and caters to thousands of user conversations per month, for certain companies in the retail, consumer packaged goods, travel, pharmaceutical and financial services industries. The application can currently run on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+.

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