Leveraging Social Media for Commercial Real Estate

Developers know that completing a building is easy but filling it with tenants is the difficult part. And what brokers need to know is that social media can be a major force in the marketing of a property. But in any case , before finalizing on the social media to advertise on, it is important to understand more about target audience and demographics. Corporate consulting agencies have been witness to the power of social media for real estate marketing and here are a few ways in which you can leverage some new age digital outlets.

1. Photography with Drones:
Drone photography is a standing out as critical to success in an Instagram marketing strategy. Photographing properties from all angles and post those high quality images on Instagram is making waves in real estate circles today.

2. Influencer Marketing:
Firstly check to see if any influencers are active in the neighborhood covering all property related topics. Contact these influencers and invite them to tour the construction and feature it on their page. Most influencers would like to be paid for a post and hence you must ask for a copy of their media kit. Or you can also do this with several influencers in and around the area.

3. Use the Instagram carousel:
The new Carousel feature from Instagram lets a user upload about ten videos and static images in a single post. You can try a before and after carousel to showcase activities from construction phase till completion. Use staged furniture to finish up the interior photography. A quick video around the property is a great idea and adds to the visual experience.

4. Instagram Live:
This new offering, being one of the latest updates to the app, gives users a real time glimpse into daily life. Instagram Live can be used to show videos on things happening at the moment. This is a great way to highlight happenings behind the scenes.

5. Publishing on Linkedin:
Linkedin has always been a great outlet for short-form posts with access to a great professional network and real estate professionals. Here you can find out how you can translate construction and building features into engaging content that related people will read and promote in a dynamic way. Existing strong pieces will combine into a great round-up article on reasons why someone should live in a particular area.

6. Research your Hashtags:
Popular hashtags on areas surrounding a new property are a quick way to catch the attention of potential customers. Search for people in a particular area who are using location specific hashtags and keep an eye on variations of the hashtag used. Make sure you add the location to increase any geo-tag searchability

7. Facebook Group Engagement:
These groups are nothing but strong targeted audiences. If there is a new property exclusively for families then you can try engaging mom groups across towns or a property close to a commercial entity can profit when engaging with employee groups of the company.

8. Engagement on Facebook Live:
Facebook Live can be used to arrange for an exclusive walk through of the property. You can actually provide a walk-through of every room to many potential customers. It helps to constantly remind the attendees to share and like the experience. Encouraging viewers to ask questions about the property also increases engagement. With this, potential customers can walk through the property without stepping inside and also avoid driving there.

9. Snapchat:
This photo sharing platform is noted to be dominated by millenials and the Z generation of customers. Building amenities with gyms, coffee-shops or lounges are best items to be posted here, with building events garnering much attention.

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